Poison in my Veins #1

by Drew Landry & the Twin Falls Hustlers

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This tune was written for the 40 Anniversary of Evel Knievel's failed Snake River Canyon Jump. A team of engineers, stuntmen, rocket wizards, and hooligans led by Scott Truax have rebuilt his fathers X-2 Rocket. They named it the "Evel Spirit" and plan to send Hollywood stuntman, Eddie Braun safely across the Snake River Canyon in the coming months. Follow the team @ www.returntosnakeriver.com

For those who don't remember the 1974 Jump here's 2 videos in the upcoming trilogy that will finish when they launch the "Evel Spirit".

Project title, EVEL DAZE::Butte, America to the Snake River Canyon

Episode #1 Evel Daze vimeo.com/102958782
Legendary Stuntman Spanky Spangler's high fall off the Gallows frame kicks off the 2014 Evel Days festival in Butte, MT. As a new generation of Daredevils at make their mark, fans explain why they make the yearly trek to Montana. Brian Spangler ends the festival with a hell of a crash and It becomes clear younger generation of fans and daredevils are keeping Evel's legacy alive.

Episode #2 Testing the Spirit vimeo.com/108443251 We travel from Montana to Twin Falls, Idaho & talk to many who were at Evel's jump. While the team prepares to test the rocket on the 40th Anniversary of Evel's failed attempt, Kelly Knievel talks about how his father decided to jump in Twin Falls. Eddie Braun, & Scott Truax guide the team through pitfalls at the launch site and those who were there 40 years ago talk about what happened after the rocket crashed.


Poison in My Veins Lyrics:
When I was young i watched them stunts & thought that I could fly -
Robert Craig Knievel looked like Elvis on a bike
tween Montana and Nevada there's the Ol' snake river canyon
He crashed at Ceaser's palace fore that Magic valley rambling

The odds were stacked agist him- would Evel live or die?
15,000 people went see him touch the sky
Success the only option - for less there's no excuse
he'd been alone 400 bones would break before he's through

Lord they ain't sure if I'll walk again, but soon enough he'll ride
& heaven knows that swollen sinner surely ain't afraid to die
Every stitch on every scar was earned .. he stumbled with that cane
but he's back in the saddle today he rides again

still the bookies down in Vegas got the money and the clout
nobody's gonna make a deal and try to cut ol' Evel out
He gonna fly that x2 rocket for at least a quarter mile
He jump across the Canyon - clear to the other side
and he was Evel, Evil was his name
yes he was Evel, Evel just the same

on the day Ford pardoned Nixon- was there day he could not win
Fear & doubt are deadly a dare devils mortal sins
Like the series or the Super Bowl you'll never live it down
Put a stuntman cross the canyon bigger than the triple crown


Lord I ain't got no time now for worrying bout death
i got poison in my veins and that canyon up a head
It's Rocky, deep and wide a quarter mile to the other side
if you pull that dead man's lever- never made it cross alive
…. a quarter mile up in the sky


If you don't drown or hit the ground- them rattle snake might get you
the wind could send you sideways- once you fire that rocket engine
if that motor blows, the chute don't go, they sent you off to slaughter
or you crash and burn you'll wind up way down in them raging waters

had evil hit the river he surely would have drowned
he nearly cleared the canyon but them high winds took him down
the chute come out to early Robert Truax took the blame
now his sun won't stop until he clears his daddy name

That ol' snake River Canyon no ones make is cross alive
Who's gonna ride that ol sky cycle cross & take the devils pride

Like Hogan gainst the Giant or Frazier and Ali
who's gonna take ol Evel's Sprit cross on national TV
people said that's crazy man, it never would be done
Eddie Braun vs. Beckley like a fox out on the run

They say he's Evel.. Evel just the same..

It's Rocky, deep and wide even longer than Kneviel's quarter mile
if you pull that dead man's lever- never made it cross alive
longer than that Evel quarter mile
Son there ain't no time to worry bout your death
i got poison in my veins and that canyon up a head

on the 7th of September two thousand and 14
it's judgement day for 2 men.. and a good day for the league
a dead mans waiting for the day his soul can be released
mortal men have broken bones & The doctor took his spleen

To fly across the canyon would set his spirit free
His dreams will be answered in that final victory..

Lord I ain't got no time now for worrying bout death
i got poison in my veins and that canyon up a head
We've waited 40 years to see this feet
just to set the kindred spirit of an ol' daredevil free


released October 9, 2014
Thank to Z@Brewhouse studios In Minneapolis (where 6 Days on the Road was recorded).



all rights reserved


Drew Landry Louisiana

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